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Since first introducing our services, Artic Air Inc. has been able to cater for a variety of individuals. We believe that their words speak far louder than any of ours.

Mike is always ready to come out and help his customers when they have an emergency of some sort on the air conditioners. It does not matter what time of the day or night and he always finds the time to come out and check the problem. He always finds it and takes care of it. We wouldn’t call any one else but Mike for service on our air conditioner. On 8/17/2010 I got home from work and my air was not working - I knew who to call right away and it was 8:30 p.m. and I called Mike and he was at my house in 30 minutes ready to help us out!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mike for the great service~!!!!

Pam and Wilf Thorne

Mike has been our A/C guy for several years now and came from a referral of a single mom that I know. I recommend him to anyone that I hear needs help. He is helpful, fair and reasonable. He hasn’t let me down the few times we’ve needed his help. If you need someone who you can trust when it comes to A/C matters...definitely use Mike!

Amy Cornell

I’m relieved to find Artic Air Inc.. Mike is honest and competent and fair. Finding Mike is like finding a good auto mechanic--someone you can trust to fix things you don’t understand. Mike just helped me solve a heating problem myself so I didn’t have to pay for a service call. The work he has done for me has been great and reasonable. I recommend Artic Air Inc..

Don Adams

Too often anymore honesty and service are not used in the same sentence. You can’t talk about Mike Waters and his brother without using both. We have been relying on Mike since early 2003 and have not been disappointed. I told Mike that I refer only three professionals; my cardiologist, my dentist, and Mike.

Robert Mills

Mike was referred to me by a friend about six months ago when we were having A/C problems. He and his brother came out, diagnosed and fixed the problem, communicated it thoroughly back to us in a very efficient manner. That’s why we called them immediately when our heater started giving us problems last week. They are just “good people”, as my Dad would say! I trust Mike implicitly and know that I am getting the absolute best price out there. It’s nice to know there are still companies out there you can depend on. I highly recommend Artic Air Inc.!

Mark and Candace Smythe

Mike, John and their crew managed to do in just a few short hours what it would have taken any other company a day or more to do. The guys were professional, polite, considerate and thoroughly knowledgeable. Artic Air Inc. is the ONLY company that I will ever deal with again. What a blessing to find these guys! Thanks Mike!

Liz and Mike Matthews

Without a doubt, Artic A/C and Heating Co. is the company you want taking care of your air conditioning and heating needs! Mike and his brother do excellent work, are honest and will save you money. I rarely do recommendations but this company is an exception and, as a more than satisfied customer, I find it easy to recognize and recommend them to anyone.

Adele ZawickiHouston, TX

Mike and John have been my ”go to” guys since 2001 for A/C installation or service.Their honesty and workmanship are second to none.Thanks Mike and John!!!

Steve EdwardsHouston, TX

I can honestly say ,Artic Air Inc. is the most reliable and affordable Co. in the Houston are, Mike and John are very knowledgeable and professional at their work!!I highly recommend them for your AC and Heating needs.

Tony and Cristina Hatty

I have been a customer of Mikes for twenty years he has shown nothing but the best service you can get when it comes to ac. His prices are affordable his staff is excellent and there isn't anything they can’t handle. As we all know it’s difficult to live in Texas with out ac and Mike knows that to so he will come day or night no matter what to lend his helping hand to all his valued customers. Thanks Mike.

Linda Wooden

Since we have Mike’s Artic Air Inc. installing and maintaining our system we’re never worried again about expert, trustworthy, knowledgeable and very affordable service and feel very confident throughout the years! Again, Mike and John, as always checked our system at a cost that’s so fair and reasonable! As always they explain everything and educate you about your system. Thanks Mike and John

William Tenwolde

If this is the company that came to the aid of the elderly lady shown on channel 13 tonight, i can not go to sleep without saying thank you for your helping this elderly lady.


When we returned from vacation last summer, we came back to a sweltering home. the first thing i did was to contact mike. he said he would be there as soon as he could. being a busy time for ac repairmen, i figure at least several hours. he was at our house in 30 minutes and had the problem taken care of first thing the next morning. he is a man of his word and goes the extra mile to make sure you are’nt paying for work that does not need to be done. as long as we own a home, he will always be our ac guy.

Eric James

I had one of ’those’ a/c companies call and offer a free checkup. Hah. The children that came out said I needed a new unit. I found Mike and he came out right away. He checked over both units and recommended a part to help the older unit work better. He didn’t have the part on his truck so he left, got the part, and came back to install it right away. What? Service? Yes!!! Above and Beyond. I called today for my other unit and praise God, a start up kit got my compressor working again. I TRUST Mike. I believe that he won’t do unnecessary work or charge an exorbitant price for the work that must be done. I recommend him to everyone.

R. Murray

Mike is one of the nicest and honest men I know. He came when I needed him and fixed the problem immediately with a really positive attitude. Would I recomend him?// You betcha.

Linda Slate

Would highly recommend Mike. Exceptional service, above and beyond

Myrtle Tolley

A hot 103 degrees and our AC stopped working. Called Mike and he was here within the hour, fixed the problem and at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend Mike.

Scott & Juanita Childs

I’ve used Mike 3 times now on 3 different houses and I am very pleased. I first called Mike for a second opinion after another A/C contractor quoted over $3,500 to replace the condenser/compressor unit after the cooling failed at a rental hose of mine. Mike quickly discovered it was only the compressor that needed replacing and took initative to call the manufacturer & discovered it was under warranty (the other guys never mentioned it). I spent several thousand less for a new compressor installed. I’ve since used him for a smaler reapir and routine servicing. I feel I can trust Mike and have recommended him to my friends.

P. Creekmore

Mike was who I requested before he started his own business. He’s the only one I called when I had a problem with my old unit and he always came and fixed it at a reasonable price. His recommendation to replace that old A/C with a 16 SEER 2 stage unit has saved me a lot of money in reduced electric bills, especially during this hot summer. Although I only see him now for an annual check out, I highly recommend Mike. Great service and a low price.

Rodney VickersHouston, TX

Mike and his brother have come to my home very quickly on two occasions when I needed help during our very hot weather.He did a great job on reparing the A/C both times at a very reasonable cost.He has also done a great job for my son Chris’ home and my daughter Heather’s home. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends who need an honest, professional A/C repairman.

Ken MooreHouston, TX

Mike and John are second to none.They have serviced and replaced units for us most of the time at a moments notice in the middle of summer.Professional and dependable.

Steven Percoski

I am very impressed with the excellent service I’ve received from Mike Waters and his assistant. They just installed a digital thermostat for me that I’m sure will save me money. Arctic Air has the most reasonable rates around and you can’t beat it for the quality provided. I recommended them to a friend and she is a very satisfied customer, as well.

Kim Bowman

Totally impressed with Mike's incredible service. He was here late Friday, and had the furnace running in less than 30 minutes for the price of a service call. We will be using him for all our future needs.


I can't say enough about Artic. I have utilized their services for about 5 or 6 years. Mike and John have always been honest, very reasonable in their prices, and provided excellent services. It has never matter when I called, they were able to come out within a reasonable amount of time in an emergency and there at allotted time when not. As a single mom it is very important to feel secure and confident in your service provider. I never check around anymore, because I know Mike will be honest, priced right, and on time.

Joyce R Slack

Without a doubt, Mike is the ONLY AC contact you will need. Call around first if you don't believe and then call Mike - he will beat the price, install faster with often better equipment, and will ALWAYS be honest with you. I have passed his name to many people and they have all had rave reviews as well about him.


We have used Mike and his crew for YEARS. He nursed an ailing A/C unit as long as we could. When the time came for replacement of that unit Mike and his crew did a super job; that was 4 years ago and everything is working great.We have him out every year for a 'check up'. We have had him out for odd jobs, like re-routing drain lines in preparation for remodeling projects, and he always seems to exceed our expectations of him by finding a better aproach or fixing a problem introduced by the homebuilder. I hope we have him around for a long time.

Mike and Ann Baker

We have owned our home for 4 years and our A/C unit stopped working. We first called another major A/C outfit that you all know from commericials on TV. They told us the compressor was bad and gave us an outrageous quote to repair the unit and then tried like crazy to sell us new unit for over $4000. My wife found Mike's website and we decided to call him. He is very pleasant to talk to and really knows what he is doing. He ended up replacing the compressor (under warranty) for a third of the cost of our other quote. He saved us thousands of dollars and gave us some good sound advice on maintaining our unit. I would recommend his services to anyone who is having an issue with their cooling or heating units. Outstanding service!!

Brian and Mickie SchultzThe Woodlands, TX

A larger company came out to just "inspect" our AC unit. The technician told me I needed $800 worth of repairs for two small parts and it would include labor. Long story short, he started the job and was then asked to stop. When he did, he disengaged the AC unit. Mike came out 3 hours after I called and actually fixed the problem. Saving me hundreds. My 6 month pregnant wife was grateful that the cool air was back on and we were both grateful that we now have an HVAC company we can trust.

Blake Minor

I heard good things about Mike and Artic Air Inc., so I called about 11am when my central A/C was not cooling. Mike and his brother John were there by noon and found I needed a new compressor. Just after 3pm, I had a new compressor (under warranty!) and the cooling had started. I have a new "go-to" A/C company now.

John CRichmond, TX

What took me so long to find Mike and Artic Air Inc.? I don’t know, but I’ve experienced several years of frustrating service calls and high invoices from other bigger A/C repair companies. The difference is clear with Mike and his crew. They know their stuff and physically showed me what was wrong and explained their proposed solution on a recent service call in June of 2012 when my A/C was kaput. It was an evaporator coil leak and they ended up replacing the shoddy one I had with a top quality unit for a great price. The search is over for me. I trust and highly recommend Mike and Artic Air Inc. to anyone in Houston needing A/C work done.


We arrive home around 4pm on Friday and the air conditioning was not working and it was HOT in the house. I called Mike and in no time at all he and John were here. We are not technical people, we are educators, they could have said we needed a new motor, etc... maybe big big bucks and we would not know the difference. They said it was a capasitor and for $130.00 they were in out before 6pm and our house is cooling again. Man it is so nice to deal with honest people. Mike and John=HONEST! Thank you guys very much.

Jim and Hellen ShewmakeKaty, TX.

Testimonial #2 here, the thermostat was not working, getting no power. Mike comes over goes into the attic, flips a switch and bingo we have cool air. Could have said it was the motor or compressor, etc... but honesty is built into him. Charged only a service charge had a great laugh together and all is good again.

Jim and Hellen Shewmake

Mike and John are very reliable and honest. they arrive ON TIME!!!! Thank you for helping us with our air and furnace needs! i would highly reccommend their service to anyone needing honest fair air repair.

Tangee and Mike MillerHouston, TX.

You guys are the best. Enjoyed visiting with ya'll as well.

Pat Escamilla

We have called on Mike at least three times, with the last two service calls being emergencies (i.e., AC not working). He was here within a couple hours, even on a Sunday! Before that, he redid our attic duct work, which greatly improved the efficiency of our airflow. His prices are very competitive, and we appreciate the personal attention he gives us. We became customers based on a friend's referral, and are glad we did!

Peter MHouston, TX

This is the best AC company in the Houston area. All of my choices in home repair companies are handled by referral only and Artic Air Inc. has been the best referral I have received since moving to Houston. They will always be my first and only phone call when I need AC work done.

Brent TopaHouston, TX.

Having had several AC companies out over the last year to figure out what was wrong with our AC unit and each one telling us different things and all costing so much money, my husband and I , thankfully heard about Arctic and tried one more time. What wonderful people! Not only are they experts in their field, they have THE BEST costumers service I have experienced in a long time. They explain everything they are looking for and then explain in layman's terms what needs to be done. They are very honest and hard working.

Dana Pratt

Mike was recommended by a friend. Everything I heard was true. Very friendly bunch of guys. They have integrity. Very reasonable recommendation and price. Very clean work. I will recommend Artic Air Inc. to everyone I know. a company you can trust.

Howard MillerKaty, Texas

WOW is all I can say. Mike saved me tons of money on something another company wanted to charge almost $700.00 for. What a great man, he has for sure won my business!!!!!

Katy, TXJulie Treasure

We are so glad that we found Mike. Not only is he reliable, friendly and polite but he is honest honest honest which we have not found in other air con contractors. We will not use anyone else now. Thanks Mike!

LucyKaty, TX

A few years ago, when I had an emergency on a Sunday evening (after 6 p.m.) Mike was referred to me by several of my neighbors. Without hesitation, he and his brother came over to assess the problem and stop the leaking (my unit up in the attic was leaking and my ceilings were getting wet. Since that time, Mike is the only one I call when I need AC work. Yesterday (3/6/13) Mike and his a few of his workers came and installed a new AC unit in my townhome. He showed up when he said he was going to show up, they prepped the house so my floors and walls would not get dirty, installed the unit in the attic and the one outside and then cleaned up after themselves! My house was so clean after they left, you couldn't even tell they had been there! Mike takes the time to explain in detail what is needed and why and his prices are truly reasonable. In this day and age, you never know exactly who you can trust...there are so many companies out there that basically want to "rip you off." The next time you need AC work/repair, give him a chance ... he will win you over ... I guarantee you!

Mary LeBlancHouston, TX

Excellent service. Called at 9pm to make an appointment. Got voicemail and the call was returned within 5 minutes. Mike was out the next morning. Mike is a straight shooter and does everything he can to make sure you understand what he is doing and why. Honestly the best experience I have ever had with any repair service.

ChrisCypress, TX.

After a very unsatisfactory experience with a large, well advertised Houston A/C & Plumbing Co., I called Mike Waters to inspect my duct work (the first company recommeded total replacement at a cost of $3300). After the inspection and after repairing one duct which had been knocked loose, Mike's assessment was that I had good, well insulated duct work which did not need to be replaced. Even though he and his brother John were here for about an hour, he refused to charge me for their time. Not only am I indebted to them, Artic Air Inc. is my new heating and cooling company for the future. I highly recommend them as knowledgeable, efficient and totally honest!!!!

Jo Anne GregoryHouston, TX.

Late afternoon on Father's Day, we noticed the upstairs unit was not working. Probably had not worked all day. We called Mike's number and were told they would try to come out today, but it would probably be morning before someone arrived. A little over an hour later, Mike arrived! He methodically went through the system, asked pertinent questions and determined that the solution was a simple fuse. Within minutes, the system was working! We asked him what we owed him and he said, "Nothing"! Mike and his brother John are so trustworthy and honest, not to mention timely! We would not call anyone else to work on our HVAC system!

Patrick and Linda PirtleHouston, TX.

We have known Mike for almost 20 years and you won't find a more honest guy in the business. He's the only HVAC guy we will deal with. His Products are the finest in the industry and his work matches his products. He has strong morals and it's nice to see that there are still people like mike and his guys who care about what they do. A true friend in the service business.

Terry & Cindy SummersKaty, Texas

Artic Air Inc. was recommended to me by a neighbor. I've had two instances where I NEEDED them and they held up to their stellar reputation. It is refreshing to see people like this that are great technicians and awesome people!

Tammy PruettKaty, TX.

Arctic Air replaced an A.C. unit for me when I owned a condo at Tanglewood Oaks. The cost was lower than other bids and the quality of the product and service was outstanding. I recommended Arctic Air to several neighbors and they were very pleased with the quality service, also. I have since moved and Bruce just did a thorough maintenance check for my heater. My roommate and I are very pleased with Artic A.C. and Heating Company.

Debbie Beach

Thanks Mike and John. On may 21 around 7.30 I called Mike to see if he could check out my A/C. It had stopped working. Getting pretty hot in house. Mike and John showed up in 30 minutes. Shortly they had found the problem. They could have said I needed a new compressor but didn't. Instead replaced my capacitor and had cool air. All this took less than an hour. Hard to find honest A/C people. These 2 guys are the best. THANKS for a good nights sleep. TERRY. Very Satisfed customer.

Terry Edgerton

We have used Mike and his crew for the last 5 years and won't use anyone else. I have always felt like Mike has been honest in his work and has never tried to repair or sell me something I don't need. We recently returned from vacation on Sunday, July 6th, at 9pm to find the A/C was out. Mike and John were there in a little over 30 minutes and fixed the problem by 10. Best of all, he didn't try to charge me an arm and a leg for the late night holiday weekend call. Thank you Mike and John.

Kevin and Crystal Camp

Mike has ALWAYS done what he said he would do, shown up when he said he would and performs above & beyond consistently. He told me how to solve the problem over the phone and spent a great deal of his doubtlessly valuable time last night explaining why I was having the problem I did. Now the AC works great. When he installed the attic unit he quoted one price and when he was done the bill was lower than the quote. Who does that, honestly? Mike does.

Paul A. Dulworth

Mike and John came out for me to get a second opinion on a unit that wasn't running. I had already paid a company to diagnose, and the end result was that I could repair it for a ton of money or replace it for 3 tons of money. Mike and John came out, took a look, replaced a couple of capacitors, and I was on my way. Looks like I have a new service company. They were reasonable, trustworthy, and took the time to explain the problem. I really appreciated that!


I had Artic Air come out recently for some basic troubleshooting and they were GREAT! Truly amazing customer service and integrity that's hard to find. They will be my first and only call for any HVAC-related issues!

Incheol Yoon

Honest, quick and good service! Thank you for helping us and providing excellent customer service!

Grace Vise

Our AC started blowing hot air, I called Artic Air and they said they may not be able to come until a few hours later, not even an hour later and they were at my house. Mike and John were so polite, knowledgeable, honest and helped us fix our issue immediately. We will definitely be using this company in the future and we could not be more grateful for the service they provided.

Alexander and Daisy Cuevas

I live on a very fixed income. When my AC stopped working in the heat of the summer, I was very worried. Mike came within the hour and within the next hour found and solved the problem with minimal expense. Mike also gave me helpful information on how to clean and maintain my AC unit. I am very grateful.

Melonee Nelson

Used Artic Air for several years. Always do a thorough job and feel like I can really trust them. Helped extend the life of a unit at previous residence and have used them when buying and selling a home. Definitely would recommend.

Chris R.

We moved in to our house and the AC went out on the first weekend. Mike and his team were great to make multiple visits over that weekend to get the job done quickly as possible, even when the hours weren't ideal. Very helpful, trustworthy, and great with customers.

Johnathan S.

I have used Mike as my A/C guy since 2001. He convinced me not to replace the compressor at our first meeting, and with minor repairs he coaxed about 9 more years out of it. I have referred him to neighbors and family members. They have all become clients. We came home from a July vacation at 7pm on a Saturday night. The temperature in the house was 85. I called Mike around 8pm that night and expected to get his voicemail. Instead, he picked up. He told me that since his parts vendors were closed he couldn’t repair the unit that night, but he would be there Sunday morning around 9am. He showed up and a couple of hours later we had A/C once more. I can’t say enough good about Mike. He has earned my trust repeatedly over the years, and I look forward to his great service for years to come.

David M.

Great service and friendly folks! They actually came to replace coil three day arly and provided excellent customer service and informed me of the work progress. I was recommended by someone who has been a customer for over 15 years. Thanks Mike and crew!

Roger Barker

I called Mike on 4/7 for the first time. He was recommended by a trusted friend. Both of our 5 ton AC units were not cooling. Mike answered the call and fixed our AC that day. One of the units had a wire loose which he mixed for no charge. The other required a new motor. We were back in business in no time. Honest, efficient,courteous and knowledgeable is the best way to describe Mike and his team. He is the real deal!

Mike McGinnis

Mike was recommended by someone I work who had a great experience using Artic Air. We had him come out. He did a very thorough job tracing out our issues and correcting the problem. I would definitely recommend. He is very knowledgeable and professional.


Mike and family are a blessing. Over the phone, walked me through how to fix my heater. Three minutes. They installed a new outdoor A/C unit and new air handler a few years back. Still working great. Went from $600 summer electric bills to $200. And he will not gouge you on price. Worth every penny.

William Hankla

Mike and his team serviced our air conditioing system,They came quickly fixed the problem and found them to be honest.And did not add on any aditonal charges,then what was quoted. I have faith in this company and will use them again.

Grace Vise
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